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MosQito™ Lamp - Indoor and Outdoor Trap [MQ927]
MosQito™ Lamp - Indoor and Outdoor Trap [MQ927]
MosQito™ Lamp - Indoor and Outdoor Trap [MQ927]
MosQito™ Lamp - Indoor and Outdoor Trap [MQ927]
MosQito™ Lamp - Indoor and Outdoor Trap [MQ927]
MosQito™ Lamp - Indoor and Outdoor Trap [MQ927]
MosQito™ Lamp - Indoor and Outdoor Trap [MQ927]

MosQito™ Lamp - Indoor and Outdoor Trap [MQ927]

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There are OVER 3500 species of mosquitoes ranging from Asian Tiger mosquitoes to Culex Pipiens mosquitoes and many more! A certain type of mosquito can also carry Malaria which is a disease that ruins our red blood cells within our liver. Symptoms include fever, chills, vomiting and headache. We suggest visiting an authorized doctor to seek assistance if symptoms occur



Mosquitoes do not have teeth at all! Mosquitoes use a pointy stem called the proboscis to draw blood through your skin.

In Australia and New Zealand the slang term for mosquitoes is "mozzies" which is fairly used as a jargon amongst the Aussies and Maori's.




Why Choose MosQito™ Lamp?

  • Non-Toxic and SafeThe MosQito™ lamp does not contain any toxic chemicals to eradicate insects and mosquitoes. It uses advanced UV lighting to attract insects. The suction fan then forces down the insects and mosquitoes down the storage tray. It's safe to be used around family and friends.
  • Placeable Anywhere: The lamp is compact enough to be placed nearly anywhere in your own home and/or outdoor area. Best to use where mosquitoes are prevalent.
  • Silence is a Must: The MosQito™ lamp operates quietly, perfect for a late night sleep or when in a noise restricted area. The 35 decibel fan is quiet enough for toddlers, babies and families.
  • 360 Degrees Fan: Our lamp contains a 360 degrees fan that allows full suction of mosquitoes so that we don't miss a thing!
  • USB Powered System: Operating the lamp has never been easier. All you require is to connect the USB cable to any source of USB power adapter to get the MosQito™ lamp working!
  • Compact and Stylish: The MosQito™ lamp is very compact that it can be placed anywhere without it being noticeable. Its stylish design could also be used as a source of lighting and will compliment your living design. It's so compact that its relative size is comparable to a tissue box! Please refer to photo below for dimensions




What is included with the MosQito™ lamp?

- 1 x MosQito™ lamp


We recommend purchasing 2 or more lamps to place the devices around the home for maximum effect of controlling mosquitoes. Best to operate the lamp for at least an hour before sleep for the full potential of the MosQito™ lamp.

Due to high demand, please allow 1 to 3 weeks for shipping time

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